How We Will Colonise The Moon

  • Published: 05 October 2018
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering   1 years back

    So this Premiere feature is weird, and I wasn't expecting it to put up a holding page this early. I was uploading the video for patreon supporters, who pay for early access. So there is a method to the madness. I will probably upload an hour or so before launch in future because this 22 hour countdown is a bit excessive.

    • Detachsoup60
      Detachsoup60  1 months back

      Real Engineering solar panels arent feesible to support an entire coloney, the will be dameged to much, and the moon somethings doenst get sun in a lot of places for days or weeks.
      Nuclear fission or fussion will be used

    • neo tv
      neo tv  1 months back

      You need to build a solar panel on the moon orbit and redirect to the start up colony

    • Quantum_electro_dynamic_1
      Quantum_electro_dynamic_1  5 months back

      Real Engineering can’t wait / but you go first and then wave to us from there!

    • Arun Kumar T S
      Arun Kumar T S  1 years back

      Is there any possibilities of trapping lightening as source of energy?

    • laurencejames Hosoya
      laurencejames Hosoya  1 years back

      The moon will never be inhabited.

  • Sabji Yom
    Sabji Yom  2 weeks back

    Would you be interested in being a part of HER MAJESTY’S EMPIRE

    • sursurrus
      sursurrus  4 weeks back

      in a vacuum there shouldn't be much to slow down centrifuges --> ultrapure Si for your solar panels. In general lower G and vaccuum conditions IMO will allow for other creative ways to save energy.

      • Stranger Happened
        Stranger Happened  1 months back

        *THERE IS NO POINT in a Moon/Mars colonies.*
        Robots will do all the job necessary. Subject people to the horrible conditions of Moon/Mars makes no mo sense than putting them e.g. onto 8 km high altitude cave of Everest mountain or 8 km underground. People are not needed there.

        • Александар Матић
          Александар Матић  4 days back

          Until we develop androids, many jobs would still require humans. Sure, robots could do some of them - for instance, we have a Mars rover, but the thing is that what that rover does in a year, a human can do in two days. And robots do need maintenance. So, instead of sending a robot to do a job with just a fraction of human capabilities AND have maintenance-capable robots, we will just send humans instead.

          Also, robots CANNOT do the smart creative work (at least not until a true AI is developed) and we need humans for that. Just like we have science stations on Antarctic - you MIGHT have some robots collect some of the data for you, but it is WAY MORE effective if you send people there.

          So there is a huge point in building Moon and Mars bases... and many more throughout the Solar system. Each body offers insight into new fields of science and engineering that, for better or worse, only people can still do as effective as needed. And to make it possible for people to do all those things, we develop more and more tech. It is a positive feedback loop.

          The whole "robots will do it" mentality that some of the prominent colleagues of mine (physicists) share is actually detrimental to the future of humanity. It puts more of our future in the hands of a machine while we as a species are pushed into lethargic state.

          No, we want to push humans on the Moon, Mars, Europa, Callisto... and 8km up the Everest, 8km underground and 8km underwater. We want to go everywhere, see everything and poke it with a stick. We are not some at idiots sitting in a chair, waiting for a stupid machine to send us bits of data that we could have gotten ourselves faster and better while also experiencing the universe around us.

          Robots are there to make menial jobs easier and faster, not to replace us on the frontiers of humanity. Because at that point we become slaves to the machine instead of it being our tool.

      • Ali naqi
        Ali naqi  1 months back

        Sir....your episodes are awesome....but speak english a little bit slow

        • Sprunk Soda
          Sprunk Soda  1 months back

          Idk why people say 'colonize', that implies there are some little green men there, pretty sure they're not so let's go with settling.

          • Nick Lemon
            Nick Lemon  1 months back

            god you're a raging cuck with your environment sh1t.

            • Daniel Hackney
              Daniel Hackney  2 months back

              A difficult problem would seem to be micrometeor impacts. Without an atmosphere, the moon gets bombarded by tons of small objects all the time. How quickly would any structure on the surface survive under those conditions? We might have to bury more sensitive equipment until we develop deflector shields.

              • dicecop
                dicecop  2 months back

                Helium-3 anyone?

                • Lone Wolf
                  Lone Wolf  2 months back

                  People dont understand what they are talking about when they yammer about being a multiplanet species... the world we have here is incredibly complex and was built on itself over many centuries... starting a modern society so far away is again incredibly complex, resource intensive and prohibitively expensive... even with rocket technology becoming much cheaper it will not be nearly enough

                  • Александар Матић
                    Александар Матић  4 days back

                    It all depends on the need. Green energy is, for instance, way too expensive per watt of power compared to, for instance, coal. So, from a financial point it makes absolutely no sense to ever go away from the coal and oil... as long as there is coal on Earth. But countries invest heavily into alternative sources - why? Because people are willing to pay more for something if it helps them more.

                    Yes, making any decently sized Moon colony would be expensive as hell. But it is not the point whether it is expensive, it is the question are we willing to pay that expense? Do we like what we get for that money.

                    A stupid example: there are board games out there that cost a small fortune. Even though they are just a bunch of cardboard. Yet people buy it gladly. Why? They want it. Sure, that cardboard pieces and printing cost but a tiny fraction of the actual price, but people don't care.

                    So just because the self sufficient Moon base would be expensive to build (and we do have the tech for it... for quite some time actually) it does not mean it won't be built. It is all the question of one's motive.

                    If we discovered that a planet killer asteroid is going towards us, would 100% hit in 10 years and we don't know how to evade it or survive it here - you can bet your ass that no matter the expense, you'd see a self sufficient base on the Moon within 5 years.

                    So when you talk about the expense of something, you must ALWAYS talk about the expense in the context of something greater. A glass of water is worth next to nothing in Siberia... but in Sahara a person would be willing to give everything they have for it. Saying something is cheap without putting in the context of want and need is pointless.

                • Michelangelo Buonarroti
                  Michelangelo Buonarroti  2 months back

                  So no one talking about asteroids wrecking everything?

                  • Zip Ninja
                    Zip Ninja  2 months back

                    By the comments below, looks like you blew the minds of your subscribers!

                    • Dougald Hendrick
                      Dougald Hendrick  2 months back

                      I'm still waiting for someone to explain how human physiology is going to live long term in reduced gravity.. all this other science is meaningless if we cant survive in that environment!

                      • Dougald Hendrick
                        Dougald Hendrick  4 days back

                        @Александар Матић I read a medical report a few years back that stated clearly, certain physiology requires our gravity to maintain homeostasis, even in cellular levels.
                        It has taken billions of years for life as we know it to become what we have now, I seriously doubt it's chances for survival without the same conditions, and even a lifetime won't change the basic structures in any evolutionary way!

                      • Александар Матић
                        Александар Матић  4 days back

                        There is no problem for humans to survive in low-g environment. The problem is returning to high-h. If you sent a person to live on the Moon and stay there his/her entire life, or they are born there - there is no problem. Yes, their bones, muscles (heart included) would be weaker than their Earthling counterpart but that is not important as they are just fine for THEIR environment - they are just not going to be able to return to OUR environment on Earth after a prolonged stay, that's all.

                    • sunny gill
                      sunny gill  2 months back

                      Happy to see listen the name of isro chandrayaan 1

                    • Moumen Gourlat
                      Moumen Gourlat  3 months back


                      • Mbazira James
                        Mbazira James  3 months back

                        I think elon musk will get it done

                        • Vincent Mirolli
                          Vincent Mirolli  3 months back

                          I think I've watched this video like 20 times :D.... I'm not sorry

                          • GAURAV KOTKAR
                            GAURAV KOTKAR  3 months back

                            Thanks for mentioning India chandrayan-1 .

                            • Geek In utopia
                              Geek In utopia  3 months back

                              Lunar colonies will probably not take the form of the biodomes of science fiction. Instead, they'll take the form of bunkers. Only a bunker could protect lunarians from the solar radiation until artificial magnetic fields can be perfected. Luckily, there's lava tubes on the Moon that could make very good bunkers, and giant ones to boot!
                              Skylights and systems of shades and mirrors could be used to funnel sunlight into the bunkers and simulate a 24 hour day.

                              • Александар Матић
                                Александар Матић  4 days back

                                Moon has magnetic anomalies of very weak magnetic fields (like Reiner Gamma) that is actually sufficient to protect the surface from Solar radiation. And fields like that - we have no problem in creating. As a matter of fact, we can create far stronger ones. Solar radiation shielding is not the problem - cosmic background is. It is not made of charged particles (like the majority of Solar radiation) and are mostly unaffected by the magnetic field - even on Earth. We on Earth are somewhat protected from CBR by the atmosphere.

                                So, you see, magnetic field protection is not that big a problem.

                            • Rakeshraj Makhija
                              Rakeshraj Makhija  3 months back

                              Chandrayan1 was found water on the moon

                              • Depcom
                                Depcom  3 months back

                                How we w ill colonize the moon? We won't.

                                • Tanishq Vishwakarma
                                  Tanishq Vishwakarma  3 months back

                                  What about gravity ?

                                  • Potato the YT show
                                    Potato the YT show  3 months back

                                    dibs on the moon B)

                                    • Rowan Juhl
                                      Rowan Juhl  3 months back

                                      how feasible would magnifying lens towers be for melting ores?
                                      there's a video of a block of metal being melted quickly.

                                      • Rowan Juhl
                                        Rowan Juhl  3 months back

                                        it also mentions steam turbines.
                                        "heliostat" towers.


                                    • animateclay
                                      animateclay  3 months back

                                      If the moon has sun in parts 24/7, why not just use mylar plastic mirrors to focus the sun onto something and convert the heat into electricity? It seems that would be the smarter solution because you could make a super dense and thick roll of the mylar for shipping. I don't think solar panels can do that and be as light. Also in direct sun, the temperature is already 280 degrees F, hot enough to boil water in an atmosphere. You wouldn't even need microwaves to melt the ice trapped within. Just a way to transfer the material to a sunny insulated spot, perhaps with mylar to focus the sun to alter the temperature if hotter temps are needed. Converting the sun into electricity to do the same task seems like the hard way to go. Unless microwaves are absolutely necessary?

                                      • Milt Farrow
                                        Milt Farrow  4 months back

                                        Give Buzz a bottle of scotch and we will be there in 20 minutes

                                        • Milt Farrow
                                          Milt Farrow  4 months back

                                          the van allen belts are a bar

                                          • Daksh Pat
                                            Daksh Pat  4 months back

                                            Wouldn't global warming be a good thing on the moon?

                                            • Александар Матић
                                              Александар Матић  4 days back

                                              No. Well, no because you won't be able to make it. CO2 in the habitat would be a breathing problem. CO2 released outside would simply float away into space - you won't be able to create an atmosphere for greenhouse effect to take place. Moon is not really capable to maintain the atmosphere. For instance, you have Mars that is bigger and its atmosphere is almost all CO2 - and there is no greenhouse effect. Moon would not be able to hold even as much as Mars.

                                          • Yuvaraj K
                                            Yuvaraj K  4 months back

                                            Don't we have space in earth?

                                            • Raghunath S
                                              Raghunath S  4 months back

                                              Very shitty video, is this supposed to be about steel making? Don't make a video if you don't have the right content, quality of your channel is steadily declining, and this is a new low.

                                              • Big Mac
                                                Big Mac  4 months back

                                                Lots of energy on the moon can be used to make steam engines. Areas of the moon are 260 degrees. You can turn that into energy to make cooling stations or heate heaters. So colonizing and the cold poles wouldn't be the wisest for anything but retrieving water. There seems to be a zone NEAR the poles that has earth like temperatures.

                                                • Daniel Evjen
                                                  Daniel Evjen  4 months back

                                                  I doubt if Trump could find his way out of a brown paper bag. That's why I'm giving his plan for landing Men on the moon by 2024 a "100% NOT GOING TO HAPPEN"!

                                                  • Amen Ra
                                                    Amen Ra  4 months back

                                                    The moon has already colonized. 😉

                                                    • Miguel Maldonado
                                                      Miguel Maldonado  4 months back

                                                      AINT NO ONE BEEN TO THE MOON

                                                      • todd matheson
                                                        todd matheson  4 months back

                                                        People will have to wear heavy clothing.

                                                        • first Impression
                                                          first Impression  4 months back

                                                          Can we be real for a moment ? How many tons of equipments should be sent to the moon even for a small colony to be possible ? How much it would cost to send these tons of materials there?

                                                          • RaytheonGaming
                                                            RaytheonGaming  4 months back

                                                            *We could build a huge base today but we'd rather bomb poor brown people*

                                                            • Tony .w
                                                              Tony .w  4 months back

                                                              It will not be with me buddy I can guarantee that.. not interested in the least

                                                              • NTRCOOL
                                                                NTRCOOL  4 months back

                                                                Is there any concerns with upsetting the, balance or over all mass of the moon? Would it effect the orbit in the long run?

                                                                • Александар Матић
                                                                  Александар Матић  4 days back

                                                                  Yes... but the time scales we are talking about are... astronomical. Sun would probably render Earth sterile long before we are able to affect Moon's orbit by any noticeable amount.

                                                              • g s
                                                                g s  4 months back

                                                                I would like to raise a family on a moon colony

                                                                • Orfa iarumas
                                                                  Orfa iarumas  4 months back

                                                                  Ever since man landed on the moon.... Built inside the area 51 studio.

                                                                  • Clement Martinez
                                                                    Clement Martinez  4 months back

                                                                    Did you hear about the restraunt on the moon? Great view, but no atmosphere.

                                                                    • Don Wheeler
                                                                      Don Wheeler  4 months back

                                                                      Never happen! The Aliens have been using the moon as a base for a long time and will not allow it.

                                                                      • Shitty comment
                                                                        Shitty comment  4 months back

                                                                        People: talking about the moon

                                                                        Flat-earther: wait can we join??

                                                                        • Roskanen Fin
                                                                          Roskanen Fin  4 months back

                                                                          Simple, we wont...

                                                                          • Stryyde
                                                                            Stryyde  4 months back

                                                                            I don't know C02 could be a good thing in a low oxygen area. I mean you could feed it to plants

                                                                            • Jeffrey C
                                                                              Jeffrey C  4 months back

                                                                              Do one of these on Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors. Oh and LFTR's are the only way to power Lunar/Mars colonies

                                                                              • Chris O'brien
                                                                                Chris O'brien  5 months back