Firing Up a 396 Big Block in a 1970 Camaro RS/SS - MuscleCar S6, E12


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  • PowerNation
    PowerNation   2 months back

    We'll continue to post these episodes here on YouTube. If you can't wait for the rest of the build, visit our site to binge-watch:

    • Jay's World Of Rods
      Jay's World Of Rods  1 months back

      @Rob J that they are. Around 300. But they make better ones that get pretty pricey. Even offer a off-road version but I can't afford them. They also have plug an play EFI injection to compete with the holly sniper system. I hope to add one or the other to my v8 4×4 s10 around tax time

    • Rob J
      Rob J  1 months back

      @Jay's World Of Rods Yeah. As I recall, the Edelbrock is a continuation of the late 50's AFB - pretty primitive by today's standards. But, I guess they must be cheap since I see them on a lot of projects.

    • Jay's World Of Rods
      Jay's World Of Rods  1 months back

      @Rob J yes indeed. I love the mechanical secondaries when they are right. A lot of ppl would bring there cars for my dad to fix an were always surprised when he didn't like Holly. I guess it just depends on what you get acustom to an your ability to dial it in. Any of them can be junk if your not familiar with them. I just happened to come from a bowtie family that liked Rochester/quadrajet or the bay city carbs. Never was much of a fan of edelbrock though I run one these days on my s10 build. Or technically it's a carter afb competition series. Terrible for off roadin.

    • Rob J
      Rob J  1 months back

      @Jay's World Of Rods Yeah. I remember back in the day (late 60's), could get a mechanical secondary mechanism for the qjet and bypass the vacuum feature. Actually, it didn't work all that good since it would dump the butterflies open without shooting additional fuel in and the result was a bog of the engine followed by a sudden jerk as the engine caught up. This put a real strain on the motor mounts - and would break them (ask me how I

    • Jay's World Of Rods
      Jay's World Of Rods  1 months back

      @Rob J we just ran a lot of quadrajet. The newer Holly's may not have that issue. I have very limited experience with them. But nothing sounded as good as a qjet opening up.

  • RT 87
    RT 87  1 weeks back

    Or you could of just got peel and stick emblems so if you mess up just pull them off and stick them some where else so much Safer and easier instead of drilling holes and hoping for the best

    • John Hancock
      John Hancock  1 weeks back


      • peter455sd
        peter455sd  1 weeks back

        Leaving the dash green simply fucked up everything

        • Ray Mathews
          Ray Mathews  3 weeks back

          How many little green apples did you s4!t drilling that freshly painted fender?

          • Bob Comment
            Bob Comment  3 weeks back

            These "TECH's" lookid like clowns when trouble shooting start & run issues.
            Before starting new engine carb float bowl should be full and nice squart of fuel out of accelrator pump.

            Should have timing lignt instralled when cranking engine to see where initial timing is.

            These guys are not ready for instruction to anyone on how to start new engine.

            • Tattoo Ideas For You
              Tattoo Ideas For You  4 weeks back

              too bad the engine is blown

              • Dr Snooz
                Dr Snooz  4 weeks back

                Aftermarket companies like Holley, MSD, Edelbrock, etc. spend a lot of money on car shows like this, displaying their latest electronic ignition system or self-learning EFI, hoping to convince you to buy them. Yet this episode is BY FAR the best advertisement ever made for those new systems. Who in his right mind wants to spend all night scratching his head and singeing his eyebrows, when he could spend a couple hours pecking on a laptop instead?

                • Grant Marx
                  Grant Marx  1 months back

                  You should name that car the Exorcist in honor of that pea green soup vomit color!

                  • RBTech
                    RBTech  1 months back

                    I simply love that motor manufacturers lied about performance just like they do today... Mustang 428 rated to 350bhp but actually 410bhp. Nowadays it's Mercedes C63 rated to x but really x-y

                    • Robbie Frentz
                      Robbie Frentz  1 months back

                      Did you find either 5-7 cyl crossed. Maybe if went with points dwell set too low. Or valve set to tight

                      • lencac
                        lencac  1 months back

                        You boys had a crossed plug wire ................... come on admit it!

                        • Robbie Frentz
                          Robbie Frentz  1 months back

                          lencac yep sounded like the ole 5-7 mixup

                      • Victor A
                        Victor A  1 months back

                        Dam Beautiful.

                        • kent kirkpatrick
                          kent kirkpatrick  1 months back

                          "Professionals" who can't even get a distributor in right or timing close enough to fire the first time. See it constantly on TV. Morons!!!

                          • Lovell Rodriguez
                            Lovell Rodriguez  1 months back


                            • throttle bottle
                              throttle bottle  1 months back

                              probably wise to go with a tall "truck" oil filter and put a heat shield on the exhaust there, it will hold about an extra quart of oil that way (in the filter!)

                              • Lava LifeGuard
                                Lava LifeGuard  1 months back

                                Nothing like a couple of corn cobs working on a Chevy

                                • Timothy Hudson
                                  Timothy Hudson  1 months back

                                  Did anyone else hear the nice man say another quarter turn on the oil filter besides me? I want to punch the pimple face kid at Jiffy Lube when I see them crank the filter down until it smokes.

                                  • hozie king
                                    hozie king  1 months back

                                    never trust a holly straight out of the box. i used to take mine to a old guy in georgia to get serviced/jetted before i even installed it..

                                    • David Galea
                                      David Galea  1 months back

                                      Good episode..kept the old school look, used an engine that was available in that era just the way I like it..I can't stand the shows that restomod by putting modern aero (spoilers scoops diffusers etc) or an LS engine or wagon wheels.

                                      • Joe Bob
                                        Joe Bob  1 months back

                                        You won't get a dry start if you prime the engine oil by driving the pump with the drill

                                        • Buff Barnaby
                                          Buff Barnaby  1 months back

                                          4800 RPM was screaming back then LOL

                                          • Buff Barnaby
                                            Buff Barnaby  1 months back

                                            2/3 of a turn dude. Bad info. And oil the seal.

                                            • Buff Barnaby
                                              Buff Barnaby  1 months back

                                              1994 spoonglasses guy😍 I had similar.

                                              • Buff Barnaby
                                                Buff Barnaby  1 months back

                                                Way over rated HP 70 Chevelle SS396 325 HP made about 265 judging by my 14.20/98.18 Quarter back in the day with open headers /Holley carb/Hays electronic ignition conversion.

                                                • Lawrence Eich
                                                  Lawrence Eich  1 months back

                                                  Too bad it had no A/C???

                                                  • Eric McGinnis
                                                    Eric McGinnis  1 months back

                                                    Y'all should be running oil with zinc!!

                                                    • Rusty Wrench Projects
                                                      Rusty Wrench Projects  1 months back

                                                      must be nice having an early second gen camo......I'm pretty sure all 70 to 72 RS's have been outlawed in the south and hauled up north to succumb to Rust...because their is none down here at all.

                                                      • BROTHERS KEEPER
                                                        BROTHERS KEEPER  1 months back

                                                        32 DEGREES TOTAL AT 3000 RPM AND ABOUT 8 DEGREES INITIAL AND SHE WILL FIRE RIGHT UP.

                                                        • BROTHERS KEEPER
                                                          BROTHERS KEEPER  1 months back

                                                          IF THE TIMMING IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE A BBC WILL FIRE AS SOON AS IT GETS A WHIFF OF GAS.

                                                          • Bowtie41
                                                            Bowtie41  1 months back

                                                            12:55,speaking of retarded...............

                                                            • Zachary Carlsen
                                                              Zachary Carlsen  1 months back

                                                              Love how the music is as close to actual songs as it can, enough to sound familiar but not pay for using it. Tight wads. Nice chops dude

                                                              • Mark Lankford
                                                                Mark Lankford  1 months back

                                                                I dont think it's the engine that's retarded! Has to be the sideburns!!

                                                                • Matt McDaniel
                                                                  Matt McDaniel  1 months back

                                                                  Why did I see him hammer that u-joint!? There was a vice in front of him...😖 Get'er Done!!

                                                                  • Jeff Zahnd
                                                                    Jeff Zahnd  1 months back

                                                                    I love the color y’all chose on this model

                                                                    • jamie greenwood
                                                                      jamie greenwood  1 months back

                                                                      best car out of two most definalty was cobra mustang what a sweet thing......chev thumbs down oval man ...for life living the dream with all my fords in aussie bush

                                                                      • Josh Russell
                                                                        Josh Russell  1 months back

                                                                        Cam needed degreed

                                                                        • James Poteat
                                                                          James Poteat  1 months back

                                                                          Problem might be in the lightning can, the fire makers or the doings chamber.

                                                                          • #countryboycansurvive
                                                                            #countryboycansurvive  1 months back

                                                                            Carb needs more tuning. Probably bigger accel pump nozzle.

                                                                            • #countryboycansurvive
                                                                              #countryboycansurvive  1 months back

                                                                              OE 12 sec car was screaming back then. Still quick for oem cars today.

                                                                              • flyonbyya
                                                                                flyonbyya  1 months back

                                                                                What was causing it to not start and run correctly ?

                                                                              • Benevolent Protector
                                                                                Benevolent Protector  1 months back

                                                                                Nice car ..but I still have to grin when I watch these TV car shows trying to support the 396 legion, and this in spite of the fact that GM discontinued the Chevy 396 engine after most of the 1969 SS Chevelles with the 396 engine that started the 1969 Daytona 500 race, had either blown up or barely finished the race due to poor oiling issues. The first finishing Chevelle was a 1968 that finished the race 13 laps behind the winning Ford Torino Cobra of LeeRoy Yarbrough.
                                                                                After the 1969 Daytona 500 debacle, all of Chevrolets 1970 SS cars that came with 396 badging actually came with the newly modified 402 engine ...but GM never overcame the stigma of the 396 engine during that race. Just keeping it real..

                                                                                • Steve Hicks
                                                                                  Steve Hicks  1 months back

                                                                                  this is what therz a difference between "mechanics" and parts installers, yu cant even start the moter . this is Ssoooo simple old skool man, yu guyz ARE TOTALLY FUCKIN STUPID !!!!

                                                                                  • Michael Cuff
                                                                                    Michael Cuff  1 months back

                                                                                    A Muncie Rockcrusher 4 speed! A REAL mans transmission!

                                                                                    • Lucky Goose
                                                                                      Lucky Goose  1 months back

                                                                                      All this nice work and you go ahead and put a SHIT 4 speed in to it. Might as well put brakes on it from a Mennonite horse buggy. And a engine out of a model T. What a mistake.

                                                                                      • JB Marker
                                                                                        JB Marker  1 months back

                                                                                        70 Camaro was always the best looking. I want it!

                                                                                        • Al Warren
                                                                                          Al Warren  1 months back

                                                                                          And another thing,all that aftermarket stuff your putting on in a time lapse video,because that shit never just fits!

                                                                                          • Dave Micolichek
                                                                                            Dave Micolichek  1 months back

                                                                                            Huh? I've never had a problem with high quality aftermarket parts. Buy cheap imported crap, and you may have that issue.

                                                                                        • Al Warren
                                                                                          Al Warren  1 months back

                                                                                          If I have a question about this show? Cmon you two loons,how about you tell us why the damn engine wouldnt run. There is nothing there,big block,with a timing chain,carb,distributor. Do tell us why you couldnt get it to run w/out blowin fire up in your face.