• Published: 08 October 2019

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  • Never_Ending_Studio kkswani
    Never_Ending_Studio kkswani  19 minutes back

    Sorry people are being mean to you! People suck! Even those who are supposedly accepting!

    • Liam Conder
      Liam Conder  23 minutes back

      trisha, the thing about this thats upsetting the transgender community is that being transgender is having a disconect with mind and body gender. if you can sit on camera for millions of people to see with your chest completely exposed, you do not have the dysphoria that makes you a transgender man. please watch kalvin garrahs video on this to understand dysphoria better so you dont run into something you dont know about.

      • Katri Matr
        Katri Matr  28 minutes back

        Trisha its ok to be a heterosexual woman.
        Its not boring or untrendy!
        Dont worry!

        • supervb fun
          supervb fun  31 minutes back

          As someone in the trans community people like me! U make me sick u clearly r doing this for attention . Just coz y admire trans people doenst make u trans and u think people applaud them do u know the amount of suicides committed coz of transphobic bullying it's not a choice

          • Hannah Chupack
            Hannah Chupack  42 minutes back

            y’all this is not a midlife crisis. As a part of the LGBT community I think she’s using our community as a way to get attention

            • Mon Bon
              Mon Bon  1 hours back

              If Bruce Jenner can do it Trisha can do it, what if she really wants to be a man, she seems like a pretty confused person as to who she is so who knows💁

              • Art Lady
                Art Lady  1 hours back

                I don’t believe ONE WORD THAT SHE FELT THIS WAY EVER , she knew what she was doing and she did it knowing full well she would do a “crying apology video next “ we have seen it all before . Opens mouth insert foot and a boob and apologize! Same shit different day ! Trisha needs desperately to remain relevant and current . She is using all the buzz words and feelings of the day . She want to belong to any group that had been victimized, to feel better about her self . She’s needy and clingy and an attention seeking narcissist, I think that is enough of an issue to last her a life time why doesn’t she just go with that . She should fire her therapist because clearly it hasn’t ever helped her .

                • Erin Hartley
                  Erin Hartley  2 hours back

                  The reason you got backlash is because you said you are ftm trans but you said you still are comfortable with your female body.

                  • Josie Angel
                    Josie Angel  2 hours back

                    How is going to say she feels
                    Like a man but then is the most girly girl ever? This is such a bullshit. She just wants pitty cause she fucked it in a video.

                    • Jayd Birkett
                      Jayd Birkett  2 hours back

                      I feel like she looking for a spotlight, jeffree star blew up with shane and shane has blown up with make up and merchh, shane mentioned her once and now shes trans, troy bolton, personally disorder and a tomboy...

                      • Yoonmin Is My Bias
                        Yoonmin Is My Bias  2 hours back

                        I'm not here to say anything because it's not my problem she did that but her eyebrows are not the same... 👀 She had enough time to do her eyebrows before this

                        • Tara Spire
                          Tara Spire  2 hours back

                          People using the fact she wears girly clothing, likes makeup, and dances femininely as proof she's just confused or going through a "phase" is odd. That's comparable to telling Caitlyn Jenner she is confused because at one time she was a men's Olympic athlete and enjoyed racing cars and playing with remote control planes.

                          • Rachel Greco
                            Rachel Greco  2 hours back

                            love how she switches from her normal voice to her "crying" voice so quickly

                            • SerenaAlice
                              SerenaAlice  2 hours back

                              LAURA LEE HAD A BETTER APOLOGY.

                              • Rachel Greco
                                Rachel Greco  3 hours back

                                shes trying SO HARD not to laugh when she said "I had no idea how much backlash I would get" girl you knew damn well

                                • Apple Sauce
                                  Apple Sauce  3 hours back

                                  Sis you said you “could never mock a community that I have loved and that has loved me” You’ve come out as most of the LGBTQ+ community and also you came out as black I do hope you understand why literally everyone finds that it hard to believe. If you are trans I really hope you find a way to love yourself and cope with this.

                                  • Apple Sauce
                                    Apple Sauce  3 hours back

                                    Completely random but the way she’s talking makes my throat so sore 🤧

                                    • Trystanne Colwell
                                      Trystanne Colwell  3 hours back

                                      I made an unfair comment at the time but you need to understand you can't throw terms around that you don't fully understand you are obviously confused and I support that you are trying to figure you out so I get you are still confused but you can't throw stuff around if u your self don't understand a fine line of who you are

                                      • Eric Park
                                        Eric Park  3 hours back

                                        ngl getting titty enhancements and showing off your body is kinda exactly the opposite of what trans people want to do

                                        • John Newmark
                                          John Newmark  3 hours back

                                          this cannot be real......this girl is PLAYING YOU ALL

                                          • sons of Odin stand together

                                            Your boob job is disgusting I would not pay a homeless guy $3 to go look at your boob job..... Your forehead is so large that it makes the sides of your head look bald.... Your forearms are so fat it makes your upper arms look extra short so you look like an oompa loompa.... Your legs still have cellulite all over them and so does your back boobs.... You're nothing special honey.....

                                            • Ashley B.
                                              Ashley B.  3 hours back

                                              You can't "WANT" to be in the lgbtq+ community. You either are or you aren't a part of it. You don't choose to be any of the letters in the lgbtq+ community, you're either born that way or you aren't. For example, I didn't choose to be gay.

                                              • Drea J
                                                Drea J  3 hours back

                                                Signs of narcissism and deception when a person squeezes out tears, but doesn't attempt to wipe the tears away because they want to appear distraught and believable.

                                                • Charlianne Gore
                                                  Charlianne Gore  4 hours back

                                                  Does she have any actual genuine family or friends? It’s like she’s never been loved? She has no idea who she is or where she belongs she just seems so lost, to me a lot of her videos are almost like a cry for help

                                                  • BigwitCurls
                                                    BigwitCurls  4 hours back

                                                    Hated breasts, yet got surgery on them

                                                    • Jennifer Parker
                                                      Jennifer Parker  4 hours back

                                                      I find it so funny how many people are genuinely thinking she is insane... its called views, people. She loves VIEWS. Duh

                                                      • Buterra my croissant
                                                        Buterra my croissant  4 hours back

                                                        Next video, mental hospital padded room tour

                                                        • Buterra my croissant
                                                          Buterra my croissant  4 hours back

                                                          Her face is dryer than my bank acount

                                                          • Buterra my croissant
                                                            Buterra my croissant  4 hours back

                                                            The next Laura lee

                                                            • Finnley Stevenson
                                                              Finnley Stevenson  4 hours back

                                                              I love you Trisha and all your videos and I don't want to invalidate you but it just really doesn't seem like you're transgender it just seems like you're very misinformed and very lost and that's okay, but as a trans man pre everything, the way you spoke about it was very misinformative to others and just kind of seemed like you were making a mockery of it

                                                              • J Robert
                                                                J Robert  4 hours back


                                                                • Antonello Piras
                                                                  Antonello Piras  4 hours back

                                                                  whys people still giving trisha paytas the benefit of the doubt in 2019?

                                                                  • Sammy D
                                                                    Sammy D  5 hours back

                                                                    No one is judging you for how you feel or who you are. They are judging you for how incredibly uninformed and insulting your video was. No one is asking you to apologize for being who you are. They’re asking you to apologize for a video that completely misrepresents what makes a transgender person, transgender. Stop playing the victim. If you want to be a man, literally no one cares. If you want to express your femininity and masculinity whenever you want, no one cares. They care when you take those two scenarios and make them mean the same thing. And that’s what you did in your video.

                                                                    • Panthebunny Number1
                                                                      Panthebunny Number1  5 hours back

                                                                      ....this is hard for you.... this is FUCKING HARD FOR YOU.
                                                                      Ok poeple like YOU make me angry. Do you want to know what is hard. Having your perants die ar a young age. Going to an orphanage and not being accepted. Being tossed by different families like pass the parcel at a kids birthday. What's is hard is years of abuse. What is hard is being nine years old and clueless of what your private parts are called as your "carers" don't want you to go to school and a friend of your "dad" called them somting else you when you go to say he touched you and you end up saying *"Oh he touched my mouse and I did not like it"* that people laugh at you. Then when you find out what it is another two years later and then tell people they don't believe you as *" Why didn't you tell us then if this is true"*
                                                                      What hurts is having so many scars on your arms and wrists that even un cut skin is red.
                                                                      What hurts is being in an all Christine shool as a genderfluid pansexual woman that as she is 14 does not know and is just *"confused:*
                                                                      Not some shit that you made up because you were not RELEVANT and needed people to look at you and that YOU NEEDED TO BE THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION.
                                                                      YOU got yourself into this mess so YOU will get yourself out. Honestly never say you have it hard in situations like this. As the backlash wil just get so much worse

                                                                      • Little Lees
                                                                        Little Lees  5 hours back

                                                                        Your not allowed to identify as a man because your not a man your a gay fetishizing masculine women doesnt have anything to do with your tits and hair ect.

                                                                        • Stephanie Maldonado
                                                                          Stephanie Maldonado  5 hours back

                                                                          Trisha KNOWS how much attention shed get from her previous video... but trish does so much for shock value that's her thing that's what shes admitted to before.. but also i think shes one of those people that, as bad as it sounds, she'll be alone in her thoughts for too long and come up with scenarios of things and actually believes her own made up stories and acts them out.. transitioning takes A LOT and sacrifices a lot, and because of the commitment you need to fully be happy, i feel like she'll get tired of it and give up on it within months

                                                                          • Little Lees
                                                                            Little Lees  5 hours back

                                                                            People are mad because your going im trans because i like gay guys and wanna have the power of a man. Not that you actually have gender dysphoria and dont relate to your birth sex. Your a dumb little girl who wants to cash grab from the trans community. Your just a bitch that is masculine. Fucking moron women can be masculine too! Like your literally sending every wrong message out there men cant be feminine and be straight men, women cant be masculine at all, anyone can go im trans just because they want the power of the opposite sex. Your just pathetic and you need to stop with the bullshit.

                                                                            • moemillerpresents
                                                                              moemillerpresents  5 hours back

                                                                              Fucking idiot

                                                                              • Alexia Pearl
                                                                                Alexia Pearl  5 hours back

                                                                                What is she looking at through this whole video

                                                                                • Alexia Pearl
                                                                                  Alexia Pearl  5 hours back

                                                                                  Her exact words were “you can choose your gender on any given day” being transgender is not a CHOICE
                                                                                  Theres no way in hell shes been in therapy when she made that statement

                                                                                  • Ivaniora Momongan
                                                                                    Ivaniora Momongan  5 hours back


                                                                                    • Sparrow Lynn
                                                                                      Sparrow Lynn  5 hours back

                                                                                      All these comments like "oh she's just confused, she should have just said she was this or that" it's literally a stunt. That's all it is. She isn't being genuine at all. She made a dumb insulting inflammitory video, her views skyrocketed to the millions for a few days, now everyone is gonna forget and move on until she does it again. She's laughing all the way to the bank rn.

                                                                                      • Lina B
                                                                                        Lina B  6 hours back

                                                                                        in trisha's line of work all publicity is good publicity. It doesn't matter if she's hated, her paycheck is translated from views. What's angering is when she just relies on people's emotions to make the money.

                                                                                        • Grace Adams
                                                                                          Grace Adams  6 hours back

                                                                                          I understand that you're having an identity crisis and trying to find yourself, but please continue with your therapy and don't make any more comments on this topic until you understand your own feelings better and are more educated on the issues you're dealing with. Like others have said, you seem to be confusing being masculine with being male. There is nothing wrong with being transgender and if you truly are male, I respect you for that and wish you luck in your transition or lack thereof, however you choose to go about it. However, I don't think you are ready at this time to be making comments about what you are, you are clearly very confused. Please continue with your gender therapist and I hope that you find solutions to the problems you are dealing with. Best of luck, T.

                                                                                          • galaxy 44
                                                                                            galaxy 44  6 hours back

                                                                                            I hope she is able to take time to focus on loving herself and figure out who she truly is. Everyone deserves to heal.

                                                                                            • Anna B
                                                                                              Anna B  7 hours back

                                                                                              Why would she be talking to a gender therapist when in an interview she said she didn't plan on transitioning?? I mean I get just talking about it but the main reason you go to gender therapy is when you are planning on transitioning. And how would she be 'so new to it' if she has been feeling this way since 5, 6, 7. She needs to do research and talk to an actual trans person about it. I hate to say she is faking this but the logic she is presenting doesn't add up. She says she loves her body but the definition of being transgender is wanting to physically transition and she doesn't want to do that. She is making the trans community look like a joke and offending a lot of people. The least she could do is research because right now she is acting like a dumb fuck. Am I wrong?

                                                                                              • Ariana Sevilla
                                                                                                Ariana Sevilla  7 hours back

                                                                                                You need help trish ,you are always crying .I think you need some good therapy or something to wake you up in to reality .

                                                                                                • Senny Shad
                                                                                                  Senny Shad  7 hours back

                                                                                                  I feel bad for her. She knows who she is, she's just not able to articulate it in a way people will understand and not attack her for. She may not be transgender in the exact definition, but she's saying she isn't cis, and it doesn't matter how she presents herself. She may be genderfluid, maybe she just didn't know the word before. The fact of the matter is, our society is just too obsessed with gatekeeping the lgbt+ community. There is always going to be someone with limits, that "where do we draw the line?" type of person. I'm just saying I'm not that person, and when it comes an individual questioning or expressing themselves in a way that doesn't harm anyone else, I'm accepting of that. You can say it harms you, you can say cis people will look down on YOU for videos like this, or we can all grow and become more understanding and try to educate one another, so that cis people can learn to be more accepting of minority identities no matter what they are. If there are hard fast limits within our community, then there will always be a cis person saying, "no, not like that, that's too much for me", because we're seeking their approval so much and allowing them to feel valid in their hate and intolerance.