Victim’s daughter puts in ‘pizza order’ with 911 to signal domestic violence

  • Published: 22 November 2019
  • Victim’s daughter puts in ‘pizza order’ with 911 to signal domestic violence

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  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones  15 hours back

    Men are far more predatory towards women than women are towards men. Thank goodness the police actually DID something this time, she's lucky.

    • Chris Hunter
      Chris Hunter  16 hours back

      Police: here's your pizza with a side of ass kicking

      • Mystic DeLoach
        Mystic DeLoach  7 days back

        Shes smart

        • Edna Loftin
          Edna Loftin  4 weeks back

          Wow thank you for doing your job sir, May god bless you

          • sunshinegirl1967
            sunshinegirl1967  2 months back

            The ONLY reason why this dispatcher did not hang up was because of the WOMAN’S persistence!!! He would have hung up!!! No praise for him. Kudos to her not giving up!!

          • Carole Carole
            Carole Carole  2 months back

            He needs to be promoted to training all 911 agents. Excellent job! Train those dumbasses to read between lines for help.

            • Spencer Wells
              Spencer Wells  2 months back

              What I wanna know is why do domestic violent cases only happen when there’s a woman in the home

              • Mystic DeLoach
                Mystic DeLoach  7 days back

                @Ashley Millican he didn't want an answer...he just wanted to be sarcastic and angry.

              • Spencer Wells
                Spencer Wells  1 months back

                Ashley Millican no I think women know they can pull the “I’m abused help me card” to get whatever they want. And to put men in jail.

                You see it in child custody hearings everyday.

                Statistics prove that women 70% of the time are the instigators and the violent ones in the relationship, but since men are stronger, girls like you are never held accountable for your actions

              • Ashley Millican
                Ashley Millican  1 months back

                Because men think it's okay to beat women. Pretty straightforward.

            • JohnnyRotten
              JohnnyRotten  2 months back

              I want to hear the whole call.

              • Sharon Joi
                Sharon Joi  2 months back

                Thank God he's the one who took the call.

                • Arlin Tso
                  Arlin Tso  2 months back

                  I would give the guy a medal for understanding and listening.

                  • Angel Gonzalez
                    Angel Gonzalez  2 months back

                    I mean if someone calls 911 to order a pizza means somethings wrong or someone is high.

                    • First Last
                      First Last  1 weeks back

                      you could at the very least write a few tickets ;)

                    • Jared Anderson
                      Jared Anderson  1 months back

                      Angel Gonzalez True lol

                  • Chris Macks
                    Chris Macks  2 months back

                    And the guy who did this look like a Jesus on meth

                    • Chris Macks
                      Chris Macks  2 months back

                      Domino's are filling potholes. Pizza Hut is rescuing hostages. The fast food industry is helping out Society

                      • Benji Gonzalez
                        Benji Gonzalez  2 months back

                        "thank you. how can I help you?"

                        • Paulette Waters
                          Paulette Waters  2 months back


                          • Grandmas Boy
                            Grandmas Boy  2 months back

                            HERO AF!!!🤗💕🤾‍♂️🍕