Halle Bailey, Auli’i Cravalho React To ‘Little Mermaid’ Casting


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  • Agent Nine
    Agent Nine  3 weeks back

    I didn't like Auli'is casting either.

    • Geboinzki 28
      Geboinzki 28  3 weeks back

      Auli'i is so wholesome she loves all race representations

      • Mary Katherine Baylosis

        Hahaha I am enjoying the cluelessness of the hosts 😂

        • Anna Beck
          Anna Beck  4 weeks back

          Peep David dobrik in the background

          • shotnick
            shotnick  4 weeks back

            Its adults that are complaining because they were children when the originals were released. Obviously, as children in the 90s we grew up with the Little Mermaid being white, red hair, with blue eyes and its been that way for 30 years. Nostalgia would cause these now adults to be up in arms wanting to their beloved Ariel to remain the same but times have changed. In the end, you cant please everyone and children of today are lucky to grow up with diversity.

            • SereneMoss
              SereneMoss  4 weeks back

              Auli'i is a better ariel, halle looks nothing like ariel at all.

              • Armanï Harris
                Armanï Harris  4 weeks back

                SereneMoss Auli’i doesn’t have the voice.

            • Jay Bonn
              Jay Bonn  1 months back

              Tes becuase the only thing left to talk about is politics not the actual story or art or production or anything that's actually relevant and meaningful. We gotta focus on the politics yall! That'll get us the likes!

              • The Everything Channel
                The Everything Channel  1 months back

                I wish aul’i was playing Ariel sorry but to me it is just not right for Halle to be playing Ariel pls don’t hate on me I don’t have anything against Halle it’s just Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses and to see get dreads and change her skin completely just doesn’t feel right to me again pls no hate I have nothing against black people

                • TeaRoses
                  TeaRoses  1 months back

                  As long as they give her red hair I personally don’t have a problem with it. The red hair is a defining feature, so I’m assuming that since they gave Auli’i red hair for the ABC Live, they’ll do something similar for Halle. It doesn’t have to be natural, she’s a mermaid. What’s natural for mermaid hair can be different from what is natural for human hair.

                  • Obed Loaiza
                    Obed Loaiza  1 months back

                    Just watch it that it if you won’t if don’t don’t ruin it for the rest of us

                    • That One
                      That One  1 weeks back

                      @I'm Done
                      How is it ruined for you? Did Disney throw away your original copy?

                    • I'm Done
                      I'm Done  1 months back

                      Oh, but it's ok if it's ruined for us? That's fair 😒.

                  • Debbie D
                    Debbie D  1 months back

                    Young people dont understand it's a classic that people grew up with Ariel little mermaid, it's like if they would of change batman and superman ,people would be pissed

                    • That One
                      That One  1 weeks back

                      Also no, young people just don't care about the skin color of a mermaid. Why would we?

                      And what does young mean to you? I'm 20

                    • That One
                      That One  1 weeks back

                      They have changed them a lot do you read comics?

                  • Debbie D
                    Debbie D  1 months back

                    Girl is very pretty never heard of her, I dont think its going to make money there wasting there money on making the movie it's going to flop, Disney going to lose there money, I like the cartoon better.

                    • That One
                      That One  1 weeks back

                      Said the same thing with Captain Marvel

                  • Lupe Avila
                    Lupe Avila  1 months back

                    Her sister Chloe is gorgeous!! Way better choice.

                    • Lupe Avila
                      Lupe Avila  1 months back

                      Dude, stfu. Stop making it seem like it's about race. Halle is just not good looking to play Ariel. The whole cast from the live action was amazing!! Queen Latifah killed it.

                      • That One
                        That One  1 weeks back

                        @Lupe Avila
                        We don't find sniveling cowards such as yourself attractive though

                      • That One
                        That One  1 weeks back

                        @Lupe Avila
                        Actually most of us agree that is beautiful

                      • Lupe Avila
                        Lupe Avila  3 weeks back

                        @Amy Leigh you have your opinion and most of us agree, she isn't beautiful. The sister is gorgeous, though! They should cast the sister.

                      • Amy Leigh
                        Amy Leigh  3 weeks back

                        Halle is beautiful..

                    • Cheryl in the flesh
                      Cheryl in the flesh  1 months back

                      The kids have interrogated the adults are still racist

                      • Liz
                        Liz  1 months back

                        This video missed the point. There is backlash for the movie because it is a live adaptation of the original little mermaid cartoon released in 1989, in which the original character was Danish w red hair. If this was any other type of mermaid movie it wouldn't matter. But recreating the original Ariel cartoon that is a staple for disney creates that controversy not because of her skin but because she does not look at all like the original cartoon.

                        • That One
                          That One  1 weeks back

                          You do know adaptions arent accurate right?

                          The disney cartoon was an adaption on the tale. Nothing about it was accurate. Hell the mermaid is just a mermaid that's her race

                          And if this causes controversy shame on you for letting it bother you in the first place. That's your own fault

                      • DancingQueen597
                        DancingQueen597  1 months back

                        I was bummed about the casting for the movie so far Bc it’s not what I would have chosen. But at this point, idk wt Disney is doing and just gonna hope for the best 👍

                        • Crissy Knoxbest
                          Crissy Knoxbest  1 months back

                          Whom ever this 2 are should do a little more research before going infront of a camera 🤦‍♀️ they are all there to criticize and judge their viewers but can't even say the actresses names correctly! They can't even remember a song's name either 😒 but hey at least they are bringing the news that one got social media attacks for the color of her skin and the other one didn't. I don't get why the media keeps giving negative crap attention 🤔 they are both beautiful talented young women stop comparing because they are both amazingly talented

                          • Udaya Lekha
                            Udaya Lekha  2 months back

                            Auli'l answer is great

                            • Udaya Lekha
                              Udaya Lekha  2 months back

                              In love with auli'l red hair

                              • Nicole Dayrit
                                Nicole Dayrit  2 months back

                                Auli'i as Ariel ❤️

                                • teenage circus
                                  teenage circus  3 months back

                                  so is there gonna be a movie and tv show? or...?

                                • Score Master
                                  Score Master  3 months back

                                  That's because no one cares anymore

                                  • Gumie Ball
                                    Gumie Ball  3 months back

                                    Lol... RIP Ariel 💔🙏 u will be missed

                                    PS: I prefer Amber heard playing Ariel. 😂 she looks like Ariel when she has her red hair in the Aquaman 🤪

                                    • Gumie Ball
                                      Gumie Ball  2 days back

                                      @That One https://m.imdb.com/list/ls070168239/ read for yourself. The point is me and you have different opinions so shut up and get of me.

                                    • That One
                                      That One  2 days back

                                      Gumie Ball
                                      This was 6 days ago my dude

                                      If you didn’t have facts then you simply had no facts

                                    • Gumie Ball
                                      Gumie Ball  3 days back

                                      @That One oop u still here tot u died or smth. Well whoever made Ariel decided to make her white and red haired so don't blame me. If the wanted it to be dark they would already do tht in The first place but they don't? Disney is playing your race like a ball gonna get attacked for taking over other race's place, but you're not smart enough to see or understand lol

                                    • That One
                                      That One  1 weeks back

                                      @Teether Geaver
                                      Oh I didnt even know that

                                      So this kid cant even get their facts straight

                                    • Gumie Ball
                                      Gumie Ball  1 months back

                                      @Teether Geaver yeah but the fact they made Ariel pale skin can't be denied. If they intended to make it black they should've. Because people are already engaged with the original Ariel in mind. Changing it just a stupid move. Some don't like change some do. I will stick to old Ariel. Enjoy your new Ariel

                                  • X-Ghost- 22
                                    X-Ghost- 22  3 months back

                                    Why are they always trying to shove black people into white characters roles? I can't wait til they cast Dicaprio as Martin Luther King Jr. Let's see them cry and bitch if that ever happens.

                                    • That One
                                      That One  3 months back

                                      That's cute

                                      You actually thought that made sense

                                  • RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE
                                    RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE  3 months back

                                    ariana grande should play the role. she perfect she play Dorothy super fantastic awesome well and if anyone agrees leave a like comment or both.

                                    • That One
                                      That One  3 months back

                                      RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE
                                      She’s already a pretty well known celebrity

                                      This is a new actress barely anyone has heard of

                                    • RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE
                                      RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE  3 months back

                                      That One I don’t have a issue with the skin tone if she good at I give her props. it’s different something new. good for her on getting the role. I do t Judge and if anyone agrees leave a like comment or both.

                                    • That One
                                      That One  3 months back

                                      I mean if you're issue is skin tone the girl is a different shade each month

                                      Plus her acting......is kinda meh

                                  • josemariecisneros
                                    josemariecisneros  3 months back

                                    This guy is a joke he’s a dam mess

                                    • Edher
                                      Edher  3 months back

                                      We all know it’s gonna be trash anyways. Not because the actress is black, but because live actions are bad in general. Especially the lion king, which is probably going to have influence in the animations. Disney please make new original movies and stop with the cash grabs

                                      • Jason Pellegrin
                                        Jason Pellegrin  3 months back

                                        How the hell is the Lion King remake live action? It’s all motion capture CGI and no live actor in site!

                                      • That One
                                        That One  3 months back

                                        Jungle Book was fun

                                        So was Aladdin

                                    • Britt Waller
                                      Britt Waller  3 months back

                                      That's true it's the adults crying about this and I'm glad the hosts called it what it was it's about her skin color.

                                      • Jason Pellegrin
                                        Jason Pellegrin  3 months back

                                        So a Black actress and a Polynesian actress will portray Ariel in a live action movie and tv special, respectively? Normally, I’d have preferred redheads for the roles, but can these girls act?Because I don’t want to believe that they’re only being cast just to pander for diversity agenda rather than on talent. And I wonder, when they become human, will they be wearing only a sea shell bra?

                                        • That One
                                          That One  3 months back

                                          @Jason Pellegrin
                                          Would you call Ariel a redhead? Merida and Anna look more like gingers

                                          Ariel looks like a girl who went and dyed bright red into her hair.

                                          But yeah, its Hollywood dude. Actors change their hair color constantly for these roles.

                                          It seems like a lot of people don't understand that concept nowadays

                                        • Jason Pellegrin
                                          Jason Pellegrin  3 months back

                                          That One No, since she actually did dye her hair. Not trying to attack anybody or nothing man, it’s just that I have a thing for redhead girls.

                                        • That One
                                          That One  3 months back

                                          @Jason Pellegrin
                                          Were you this concerned over hair color for Scarlet Johansson playing Black Widow?

                                        • Jason Pellegrin
                                          Jason Pellegrin  3 months back

                                          Can they at least dye their hair red? Not much too ask for.

                                        • That One
                                          That One  3 months back

                                          @Jason Pellegrin

                                          The alt right or whatever are already bitching about this

                                          Do you know how many "what if we made Pocahontas white?" Comments I've seen?

                                          Don't get me wrong the liberals are also making this a big deal

                                          Basically it's not a matter of political ideology. It's just a bunch of grown ass idiots getting riled up over a kid's movie. It's like bronys. Doesn't matter if they were liberal or conservative. They were just awful in general

                                      • Whatever boy
                                        Whatever boy  3 months back

                                        Playing the racist card again I see, Auli’i didn't get backlash because nobody even knew there was going to be a TV series; same with Hermione on the Broadway show nobody cares about that! BUT Disney live adaption is a big deal they only do this once in 50 years probably that's why people care. We just want to see the real Ariel from the Animated version bring to life! So SHUT UP with the racist shit!

                                        • That One
                                          That One  3 months back

                                          Actually I've been seeing people claim she was white which was......a headache

                                      • Chelsea Myscene
                                        Chelsea Myscene  3 months back

                                        I can’t be the only one that thought that was icarly in the thumbnail

                                        • Emily Ilott
                                          Emily Ilott  3 months back

                                          0:48 oh hi David

                                          • Hayley  Gilbert
                                            Hayley Gilbert  3 months back

                                            Can we please get a Australian princess

                                            • That One
                                              That One  2 months back

                                              An indigenous Australian tribe leader/princess? Sounds pretty cool

                                          • Joshpanda 0
                                            Joshpanda 0  3 months back

                                            Adults may care about skin and race but kids won’t.

                                            • Live17 One direction
                                              Live17 One direction  3 months back

                                              Don’t make me care cuz Harry is not Eric

                                              • Molly Prior
                                                Molly Prior  3 months back

                                                Sis you’re getting mad about her playing a cartoon mermaid 🤨🤨🤨

                                                • ima tree
                                                  ima tree  3 months back

                                                  Theres not as much backlask cuz no ones heard of the the tv one ....

                                                  • Mara Elena
                                                    Mara Elena  3 months back

                                                    It isn’t about racism, it’s about Disney recycling princesses just because they want more diversity. We want diversity, but just don’t recycle the other princesses, just saying...

                                                    • iggy 262002
                                                      iggy 262002  3 months back

                                                      Am I the only one who keeps thinking Halle berry 😂

                                                      • Sher Marissa
                                                        Sher Marissa  3 months back

                                                        Little kids who are gonna be confused or distracted by the different looks aren't old enough to have social media accounts 🤦‍♀️ The backlash about Moana Ariel isn't as intense because it's just a TV special. It's still wrong though because she also doesn't represent pale redheads which is obviously what Ariel is.

                                                        • Marissa Rose
                                                          Marissa Rose  3 months back

                                                          David dobrick in the background

                                                          • Alix Hudspeth
                                                            Alix Hudspeth  3 months back

                                                            I'm not OKAY with Halle yet... but that's only because I haven't seen anything with her. So I don't know her skill type very well at all. Auli'i was Moana, and I follow her on Instagram, so I'm pretty okay with her as Ariel. Halle so far seems like a good choice, better than most people I'd heard rumors about.

                                                            • minic tiston
                                                              minic tiston  3 months back

                                                              So why there isn't anyone complaining about The Valak actress being a human??

                                                              • GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya

                                                                After the movie comes out, no one will care about this. It's same people who argue Naomi Scott play Jasmine and she's half white and when it came out and actually was kinda successful, nobody cares about it and move on to bashing Halle.

                                                                • Emily Perez
                                                                  Emily Perez  3 months back

                                                                  I love how Disney has had black and white people in their films and princesses but what about my Latinos out there? I guess everyone seemed to forget about how we also go through some tough shit and it’s not only about black and white people! Is there a Latina Disney princess? NO! Why not?!? Every talks about how they love the diversity that they show or that any movie show, but if there were really diversity you’d have every one including Hispanics not only white and black people! ( I have nothing against white and black people but I would just like to see my Latinos get represented

                                                                  • Roh Hurra
                                                                    Roh Hurra  3 months back

                                                                    Disney is turning into an absolute lazy fest of stupid, unneeded remakes with their crappy writing, effects and lack of emotions from the actors. Hey Disney, let me ask you something. What are you going to do when you realize that your two worst mistakes come from a) taking away 2D animation away from theatrical releases entirely and b) remaking them with live people who barely even try to emote their dumb faces. I truly hope that you wake up and realize the mediocre sham that you have become and that all you are left with is cash-grabbing TV junk that could never grab as much as a single nickel from underneath your dusty, old couch cushion. This era of Disney is the worst thing to ever happen to creativity, and may God have mercy on your greedy, greedy souls.

                                                                    Disclaimer: This is only a rant to live action movies, NOT to the fact that a black actress is cast as Ariel. Good for her. Proud of her.

                                                                    • M.B Cupid
                                                                      M.B Cupid  3 months back

                                                                      The movie doesn’t seem to know what to do casting wise. King Triton is a Spanish actor and you have Eric maybe being latinx but Ariel is black. Either cast people that make sense as family or do what the Whitney Houston’s Cinderella versión did and be all inclusive. The movie is turning into a mess because they seem to have become afraid of going all the way with casting. I’m still think they should have cast a drag queen to be Ursula. I’m sure Queen Latifah and Melisa will do fine but it would have been nice to honor Divine that way.

                                                                      • That One
                                                                        That One  3 months back

                                                                        When you think about it, the animated movie didnt make much sense either

                                                                        It was supposedly located near Denmark, but the underwater environment was tropical and had fish not native to those waters. Then you have a Jamaican crab that sang calypso even though I dont think that type of accent or music was a thing at the time period and how did he get to Europe? The mermaid kingdom and King was Greek inspired. There were French people in the film. Occasional dark skin mermaids pop up every now and then. It was just odd