VIENNA VLOG! Life Ball 2018 | Gigi


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  • sarahx87
    sarahx87  6 months back

    who live in the pineapple under the sea

    • Kay Izzio
      Kay Izzio  8 months back

      Did this all go down in coach?

      • Angel Wu
        Angel Wu  11 months back

        omg is that brenda song

      • Jim Waters
        Jim Waters  1 years back


        • Dream 2 Reality
          Dream 2 Reality  1 years back

          Travelling all around the world has been my DREAM since I can remember.. I really wanna be successful like you so I can fulfil my dream.

          • Israt Tithy
            Israt Tithy  1 years back

            Ur life is beautiful💕

            • young diamond
              young diamond  1 years back

              i literally having no idea what just happened

              • ClioMako
                ClioMako  1 years back

                The more I look at those decadent people, the more I realize how money can’t buy neither happiness, nor dignity.

                • Aisabell Gwondbörg
                  Aisabell Gwondbörg  1 years back

                  Actually, as far as i know everybody who works for lifeball is a volunteer. Which means also all the models, performers etc.
                  If you don't know what life Ball is: it's an really open minded Event which collects money for Aids HIV research and tries to break the taboo about this illness.

                  • GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t
                    GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t  1 years back

                    Dem Titayz! ;-P

                    • Samantha Goodman
                      Samantha Goodman  1 years back

                      I'm honestly mostly disappointed in the fact that Gigi didn't even address what the Life Ball represents. It would have been at least a little educating instead of boring, as well as aggravating.
                      She could have brought awareness to HIV and AIDS, which is why the Life Ball was even introduced.
                      This video was as empty as her current personality. Glitz and Glam, but nothing without money.

                      • MarieC NP
                        MarieC NP  1 years back

                        oh heeeeey i'm from upper austria and i wasn't at the lifeball

                        • Predrag Aldic
                          Predrag Aldic  1 years back

                          I live in joke

                          • sho death
                            sho death  1 years back

                            9:45 Bruh shook go much, I'm dying my stomach hurts 😂

                            • cristina solano
                              cristina solano  1 years back

                              Jeannie Mai from the Real😱

                              • Princesswarrior JP
                                Princesswarrior JP  1 years back

                                I have to say that I ❤️your natural short hair it looks way more feminine on you for some reason and super cute:) you should wear it more👍🏻

                                • E. Null
                                  E. Null  1 years back

                                  So a lot of this was actually funny. The fashion show seemed cool and the locations were beautiful. But some of these people are classless.

                                  • Hihathihathihat
                                    Hihathihathihat  1 years back

                                    3:41 🤣🤣

                                    • Richard Burroughs
                                      Richard Burroughs  1 years back

                                      August melts me..........

                                      • WantSomeMore
                                        WantSomeMore  2 years back

                                        GIGI VIENNA'S ENTRANCE LOOK WAS EVERYTHING

                                        • Cindy Ha
                                          Cindy Ha  2 years back

                                          Tell me what’s going on like did I just see poppy? like she scary but dancing like that

                                          • Vienna
                                            Vienna  2 years back

                                            That’s my name!!!!!!

                                            • Travis Walsh
                                              Travis Walsh  2 years back

                                              Was nats topless?

                                              • Julia Steininger
                                                Julia Steininger  2 years back

                                                She went to Vienna and I missed it🤬

                                                • Wilhelm Krasser
                                                  Wilhelm Krasser  2 years back

                                                  I really hate that you visited Austria,it's a dishonor to the nation.

                                                  • Random Fun Stuff
                                                    Random Fun Stuff  2 years back

                                                    Nat is Gigi's number one fan

                                                    • Iris González
                                                      Iris González  2 years back

                                                      Makes me quite sad to see how these individuals make so much money for literally doing very little XD Meanwhile, the rest of mortals are busting our arses (I'm a nurse) and are underpaid, under-staffed, stressed, etc. And no, I'm not jealous, it's just rather unfair!

                                                      • MarieC NP
                                                        MarieC NP  1 years back

                                                        i mean you can't not agree (especially actors and musicians) but also the lifeball raises money for aids so thats something

                                                      • Trevor Michael
                                                        Trevor Michael  1 years back

                                                        That’s life. It’s a roll of the dice.

                                                    • hausbae
                                                      hausbae  2 years back

                                                      yas jeannie mai

                                                      • jennifer half
                                                        jennifer half  2 years back

                                                        For real question though, is Nats on drugs..??

                                                      • jennifer half
                                                        jennifer half  2 years back

                                                        I remember when I actually liked her and her videos..

                                                        • jennifer half
                                                          jennifer half  2 years back

                                                          Is her gf shirtless??

                                                          • Vidushi Shukla
                                                            Vidushi Shukla  2 years back

                                                            Gigi is so hella cute!!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘

                                                            • O. Fr
                                                              O. Fr  2 years back

                                                              Jeannie Mai made this video

                                                              • ses sal
                                                                ses sal  2 years back

                                                                how much do you think the entire flight crew and the rest of the passenger hated them and cursed them? trashing the airplane and then showing it on cam as an act of coolness? this is such a lowly and cheap behavior, it's true that money can't buy class.

                                                                • Kay Izzio
                                                                  Kay Izzio  8 months back

                                                                  ses sal I mean, I legitimately would be extremely annoyed if I were one of those other passengers. This isn’t a private tacky.

                                                              • Choi라라
                                                                Choi라라  2 years back


                                                                • M Vee
                                                                  M Vee  2 years back

                                                                  This reminds me of Hunger Games in The Capitol where everyone looks like mini lady Gaga’s trying to out fashion each other☺️

                                                                  • Fleek McStreet
                                                                    Fleek McStreet  2 years back

                                                                    Gigi is certified Eurotrash!

                                                                    • Katness Kan
                                                                      Katness Kan  2 years back

                                                                      Literally so many moments that I loved in this vlog. Love you both 💕💕 xxxx

                                                                      • slman badr
                                                                        slman badr  2 years back


                                                                        • Tay x Cloud 202
                                                                          Tay x Cloud 202  2 years back

                                                                          thank u

                                                                          • Tay x Cloud 202
                                                                            Tay x Cloud 202  2 years back

                                                                            I LOVE IT

                                                                            • bowtiesandcigarettes
                                                                              bowtiesandcigarettes  2 years back

                                                                              i feel like nats is getting more and more comfortable with the vlogs

                                                                              • AnthonySteven. Alexzander

                                                                                AnthonySteven. Alexzander
                                                                                Gigi I’ve watched every video for over 7 years, maybe even 8 or 9. I’ve seen your entire transition and you’ve shaped a lot of my life. When I tell you that it’s concerning and disheartening to watch you enable her drug use, it’s an understatement. Anyone can say what they want to me, including you, but I am not stupid. Nothing has made me judge your character like this. I don’t know who you are at all, when I used to feel like I could at least look up to you. Is this really all for her money? Will you leave her when she transitions or will you blame it on her drug use? I genuinely care about you and maybe that’s my fault putting too much in someone I don’t know. But Gigi Gigi Gigi, the few dozens of people who have watched from the very beginning, no amount of smoke and mirrors can hide the truth, just blur it. I will always watch in support, but at least stop lying to your self if you can’t stop to us. Help that poor girl or leave her, just don’t use her.

                                                                                • Sheri Jacoby
                                                                                  Sheri Jacoby  2 years back

                                                                                  Her lips are nasty

                                                                                • Shrek Dingus
                                                                                  Shrek Dingus  2 years back


                                                                                  • yx
                                                                                    yx  2 years back

                                                                                    all that money and no class, no brains. TRASHHH

                                                                                    • yx
                                                                                      yx  2 years back

                                                                                      to dare what, to tell the truth? This spoiled trash with no brain spreads to world to youth that this is ok? It is awful. "So poor as all they have is money." Emptiness otherwise and narcissism.

                                                                                    • Fleek McStreet
                                                                                      Fleek McStreet  2 years back

                                                                                      How dare you? all that money and no class, no brains. EUROTRASHHH Get it right

                                                                                  • P l e a s e H e l p
                                                                                    P l e a s e H e l p  2 years back

                                                                                    I miss the old Gigi 😢

                                                                                  • Lucky Bitch
                                                                                    Lucky Bitch  2 years back

                                                                                    This video is on addarall- all over the place! Nice to hear Nats talk though.