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  • Alla Ben Haim
    Alla Ben Haim  4 weeks back

    Omg ur so spoiled

    • Inushkax
      Inushkax  1 months back

      ugh whats this repulsive thing bye

      • Tina Davies
        Tina Davies  1 months back

        Yes youtube red!! 👍🏼 if your in the youtube red club

        • toni Pierce
          toni Pierce  1 months back

          I Accept you for how you are you are. beautiful Gorgeousness woman who i love to be best friends with to have a good time with in leave my trouble behind me not you all you guy's to you gigi in friend's are nice people don't forget that in keep on liking gorgeous gigi

          • Schwan Zlutscher
            Schwan Zlutscher  2 months back

            Who tf are you

            • Cara-Sophie H.
              Cara-Sophie H.  2 months back

              Her dress is hella gorgeous

              • miaskittens D
                miaskittens D  2 months back

                Gigi is very fortunate that a woman she turned out physically beautiful. Sadly a lot of men/boys are not so fortunate.

                • Ok yeet yeet
                  Ok yeet yeet  3 months back

                  Why is she so familiar?

                  • Damaris Camarillo
                    Damaris Camarillo  3 months back

                    I thought it was tana mochiii!!🥺🥺🥺

                    • Jessica Opal
                      Jessica Opal  3 months back

                      How in the ****** is YouTube going to show me this *trash?!* 😭

                      • Sidhdb Jsjshsgi
                        Sidhdb Jsjshsgi  3 months back

                        The dress is amazing😭😭💖

                        • Charmaine Chengay
                          Charmaine Chengay  3 months back

                          Im new here (saw this after watching shane) .... is gigi gay??? And nats lesbian? And why she speaks like nikita....

                          • Sharon Podorski
                            Sharon Podorski  4 months back

                            Ok Nat needs to smile looks depressed all the time.

                            • Gaia Chavez
                              Gaia Chavez  4 months back


                              • ka ki
                                ka ki  4 months back

                                1:06 damn.

                                • Slime'z
                                  Slime'z  4 months back

                                  Congratulations ❤️🥳

                                  • lolli poppa
                                    lolli poppa  4 months back

                                    cory looks like tyler oakley.

                                    • shemeka09
                                      shemeka09  5 months back

                                      wow thats one of the pretty trans woman...

                                      • B P
                                        B P  5 months back

                                        I just realized apon clicking on this video that Gigi did a video or two with Shane Dawson

                                        • Will Considine
                                          Will Considine  5 months back

                                          is this mutherfucker trans

                                          • Elena Ivanovska
                                            Elena Ivanovska  5 months back

                                            Female version of Jeffre Star 😂

                                            • Angie Vargas Vlogs
                                              Angie Vargas Vlogs  5 months back

                                              Her girlfriend reminds me of Trinity from The matrix 😂😭💗

                                              • I T
                                                I T  6 months back

                                                Your documentary was amazing. So inspirational to everyone x thanks 🙏

                                                • Janaina Oliveira silva
                                                  Janaina Oliveira silva  6 months back

                                                  super adorei o brasil te adora

                                                  • Sherry Guns
                                                    Sherry Guns  6 months back

                                                    So lost why this is in my fed. Who are these people?

                                                    • Kimberly Crazed!
                                                      Kimberly Crazed!  6 months back

                                                      Documentaries are my 5hiny

                                                      • THE MASSAGE STUDIO
                                                        THE MASSAGE STUDIO  7 months back

                                                        Love it 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

                                                        • Stefani Addison
                                                          Stefani Addison  7 months back

                                                          Oh I think I have this dress somewhere.... :p

                                                          • Tanya Anthony
                                                            Tanya Anthony  7 months back


                                                            • a guy
                                                              a guy  7 months back

                                                              Wow. . . Shes the hottest trans woman I've ever seen

                                                              • Shanara Blue
                                                                Shanara Blue  7 months back

                                                                Wow that dress !you look stunning ...

                                                                • Emily Vanderplow
                                                                  Emily Vanderplow  7 months back

                                                                  Prettier women than I’ll ever be

                                                                  • Millie Bobby Brown
                                                                    Millie Bobby Brown  8 months back

                                                                    Me: Googles dresses. Finds the million dollar dress. "Well I can't afford that." finds a similar dress for $5 CLICK AND COLLECT NEXT DAY! "Yasssssss"

                                                                    • KARMA KARMA
                                                                      KARMA KARMA  8 months back


                                                                      • just fun
                                                                        just fun  8 months back

                                                                        So sexy

                                                                        • Star- World
                                                                          Star- World  9 months back


                                                                          • Bruce Humphrey
                                                                            Bruce Humphrey  10 months back

                                                                            I think it was very disrespectful of her to say to the DIRECTOR of the film "I have thoughts" in front of everyone.

                                                                            • Anitta _ park
                                                                              Anitta _ park  11 months back

                                                                              Did I just hear Barbra.... Um Mean Girls from my school where you at...

                                                                              • vasia
                                                                                vasia  11 months back


                                                                                • Cornel Cornel Parlea
                                                                                  Cornel Cornel Parlea  1 years back


                                                                                  • Atefeh KhalilKhaneh
                                                                                    Atefeh KhalilKhaneh  1 years back

                                                                                    Nats have no boobs!

                                                                                    • FabMom DotCom
                                                                                      FabMom DotCom  1 years back

                                                                                      shes so wreckless , total disregard for the dress when she opened the champagne.

                                                                                      • skunkie110
                                                                                        skunkie110  1 years back

                                                                                        Gigi looks absolutely stunning. And that dress!! That is everything!! So beautiful. I even love the furry coat she paired it with....I just hope it’s faux fur ☹️...knowing her glam lifestyle it most likely isn’t...which really isn’t a good look.

                                                                                        As “luxurious” as people may think real fur is, it isn’t luxury at all. It’s the by-product of cruelty. You purchase real fur, you are purchasing and supporting animal abuse, suffering, torture, and violence (did you know some animals are literally skinned alive and can feel everything????) Peace and compassion for others is a much better, more attractive look.

                                                                                        • Benjamin Luke
                                                                                          Benjamin Luke  1 years back

                                                                                          August is so sexy

                                                                                          • MICHELLE RIVERA ARREGUIN

                                                                                            I love you gigi

                                                                                            • Krystal Kvidera
                                                                                              Krystal Kvidera  1 years back

                                                                                              Does natz have breasts?

                                                                                              • MARISSA JIMENEZ
                                                                                                MARISSA JIMENEZ  2 years back

                                                                                                Gigi u look sooooooooooooooo pretty and sexing

                                                                                                • Tammy Douglas
                                                                                                  Tammy Douglas  2 years back

                                                                                                  “I don’t like documentaries”....”yeah no but this is liiiiike real, like real characters” do these idiots think a documentary is ?