Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)

  • Published: 23 November 2019
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    Here we go again, another big, scary change coming to the platform that has Creators shaking in their boots. I'm talking about COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Now COPPA has been around for a while but not too long ago the FTC and YouTube got into things over whether or not YouTube was in violation of it. The results have a lot of channels - family, gaming, art, and many more - scared for their jobs, their livelihoods, and their homes on this platform. Today, I want to talk about the reality of COPPA going into 2020 and what we REALLY have to worry about and what we don't.

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
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Comments • 84 049

  • Knuckles The Cardboard Box

    Dawn of the final day. They read over the comments today. Goodbye :(

    • Jean-Philippe Paradis
      Jean-Philippe Paradis  9 minutes back

      Wow. MatPat on the verge of tears for 22 minutes. Heartbreaking. :(

      • Tony Stark
        Tony Stark  21 minutes back

        After your watching your video I am gonna make a video on my channel it's not to late for me choose whether the video is for 18+ or not.

        May the FTC stay away from YouTube

        • Adyn J
          Adyn J  30 minutes back

          Please don’t remove Chanels YouTube

          • Keiran Micallef
            Keiran Micallef  60 minutes back

            Video:talks about channels might not survive
            Also video:GeT YoUr mErCh NoW

            • Night fireYT 2030
              Night fireYT 2030  1 hours back

              Like to save flamingo🐵🙈🙉

              • Hi DabPolice
                Hi DabPolice  1 hours back

                -oh no- OOF

                • krishygaming
                  krishygaming  1 hours back

                  I love DanTDM he is my favorite YouTuber I am scared

                  • Monado Boiii
                    Monado Boiii  1 hours back

                    Remember that times?

                    We were all 10 and watched fckn FilthyFrank

                    • kablam star
                      kablam star  1 hours back

                      Hey I found this while looking through #coppa. It’s a review of coppa law and is discussed by a lawyer who is trying to make it easy to understand. The link (if it shows up) is to his video. I will leave the shows name underneath the link if you wish to search it on your own. This should clear up some coppa questions and can possibly help save the channel.


                      Your Wrong About COPPA (Real Law Review).

                      Hope this helps Matt.

                      • Telcrem
                        Telcrem  2 hours back

                        good luck my fellow creators..may the endgame begin...

                        • selenagomezkilldemi
                          selenagomezkilldemi  2 hours back

                          I miss the old YouTube :(

                          • The Trap Scumer
                            The Trap Scumer  2 hours back

                            I'm only uploading music why is it making it like it's for kids! Some videos will have swear on my videos, like the song is explicit!
                            I changed my yt studio settings, what will happen!

                            • The Dark Queen
                              The Dark Queen  2 hours back

                              When I signed up to YouTube I didn’t lie about my age, and I was under 13.
                              I was in like 3rd or 4th grade when I made my account Who’s now gone.......;-;

                              Tho I dont think that was the first time I used YouTube.. idk if I had any account before the one I made in 3rd or 4th grade.

                              • Danijel Stojakovic
                                Danijel Stojakovic  3 hours back

                                Why doesn`t anyone make another channel like YT

                                • reven7 skywalker
                                  reven7 skywalker  3 hours back


                                  • A Bred Crum
                                    A Bred Crum  4 hours back

                                    Me: *sees dan and Felix*

                                    Also me: *internal screaming intensifies*

                                    • Nurse_Bear
                                      Nurse_Bear  4 hours back

                                      COPPA is ruining the economy. All the fines and less money will ruin family's... lots of people are going broke...

                                      • Nurse_Bear
                                        Nurse_Bear  4 hours back

                                        YouTube knew what they were doing wrong, but of course they had to IGNORE THAT. Honestly, there are many channels that are run by kids without their parents permission, so if they get fined.....those parents are gonna have a fun time grounding their child for life.

                                        • Marcial Dejesus
                                          Marcial Dejesus  4 hours back

                                          1:25 falmgo

                                          • Oliver Moeller
                                            Oliver Moeller  4 hours back

                                            WHAT! THIS is crazy!

                                            • Здравко Стоянов

                                              This reminds me of the Sokovia Accords for some reason.

                                              • XXXBig Chungus
                                                XXXBig Chungus  5 hours back

                                                What about YouTube kids

                                                • InAPickle
                                                  InAPickle  5 hours back


                                                  • alice Street
                                                    alice Street  6 hours back

                                                    I call coppa the order 66 of youtube
                                                    COPPA:execute order 66

                                                    • LaysnetopArt
                                                      LaysnetopArt  6 hours back

                                                      Tbh I am a 12 year old but I understand everything about everything here. Like I actually understand the humor and the science of this channel and other channels. Sarcasm, Racism, Crisises, Vsause you name it. So am I just supposed to watch the super boring and super not for me YouTube kids?

                                                      • MIMI TITI
                                                        MIMI TITI  6 hours back

                                                        OH, NO FLAMGO! Y U NO SAY FLAMGO NAME?!

                                                        • Shadow Darryn
                                                          Shadow Darryn  6 hours back

                                                          Flam go

                                                          Did u see the in

                                                          • VirtualBowser
                                                            VirtualBowser  6 hours back

                                                            Cant you just age restrict?

                                                            • Itz Da Kitty UwU
                                                              Itz Da Kitty UwU  6 hours back

                                                              YT kids exists ;-;

                                                              • marilet tanquizon
                                                                marilet tanquizon  6 hours back

                                                                I'm using my mom's account with her permission cause she was the one who made it for me and her, Not just me. And I mostly watch ROBLOX or any Animated Story Channel that isn't NOT For Kids. I Have some slip ups here and then but not alot. The FTC and COPPA is technically Thanos but it's Two People, dang.
                                                                *Edit: cries in poor cause I can't buy the merch to support.*

                                                                • Calvin Booper
                                                                  Calvin Booper  6 hours back

                                                                  2019's biggest villain: Thanos
                                                                  2020's biggest villain: COPPA

                                                                  • Llama Salas
                                                                    Llama Salas  6 hours back

                                                                    I hope storybooth lives

                                                                    • Yura lozano_14
                                                                      Yura lozano_14  6 hours back

                                                                      If You Tube's gonna erase the videos then I'm going to screen record all the old videos I used to watch and keep them so I can remember the old times when everyone was alright

                                                                      • Shana Roberts
                                                                        Shana Roberts  6 hours back

                                                                        Goodbye my favorite youtuber

                                                                        • Neopolitan
                                                                          Neopolitan  6 hours back

                                                                          My social media apps are my new youtube if my channel dies

                                                                          • Shana Roberts
                                                                            Shana Roberts  6 hours back

                                                                            Well I love you mat but I’m 12 so I guess I’ll stop watching:,(

                                                                            • WinterCraft
                                                                              WinterCraft  7 hours back

                                                                              A lot of parents don't give two shits about what their child does on youtube, getting parents to monitor what they watch isn't gonna work, parents have more important things to do than that.. Maybe we need to bring back Bob and tell him all the news about coppa.

                                                                              • Tds oneequalanother Daily gameplay

                                                                                Technicallly if you download content you still get ads sometimes.... weird huh

                                                                                • Tds oneequalanother Daily gameplay

                                                                                  Me be like so is coppa only for America orrrr I mean you could just move out of America technically right? Pls answer me I am confused

                                                                                  • oriana paterna
                                                                                    oriana paterna  7 hours back

                                                                                    Ill never skip ads ever again

                                                                                    • SSXA WEE
                                                                                      SSXA WEE  8 hours back

                                                                                      COPPA: we are obliterating YouTube for the safety of children under the age of 13.

                                                                                      Every content creator: *turns into an old man wearing diapers and pampers(for gender)and playing with baby toys*

                                                                                      • ItzArticWolf
                                                                                        ItzArticWolf  8 hours back

                                                                                        There is a site where you can go against COPPA, please don’t ignore this comment ..!
                                                                                        Almost 1.000.000 people going against it there. If you don’t wanna do anything, just share the link ..!
                                                                                        We can save youtube ..!

                                                                                        (Link: )

                                                                                        • Robot Illusion
                                                                                          Robot Illusion  8 hours back

                                                                                          In november 3 2010 they kids caught parents around the world this happened

                                                                                          • Bus
                                                                                            Bus  8 hours back

                                                                                            Well youtube is dead, I’m off to twitch byeeeee

                                                                                            • Ashley Thomson
                                                                                              Ashley Thomson  8 hours back

                                                                                              Well, if you think of it this way, if you had a child and went to see a PG-13 movie, they mean by PG-13 is that you have to be 13+ to watch it alone, so just like on YouTube, parents should pay attention to what their kids watch, or just get YouTube kids

                                                                                              • Cancerous
                                                                                                Cancerous  8 hours back

                                                                                                1:22 is that... FLAMINCO?

                                                                                                • Caitlyn Drawz with gacha

                                                                                                  Can’t they make a non swearing yt and swearing yt but non swearing is here