We Broke Up.


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  • beaverthiccboi
    beaverthiccboi  7 minutes back

    i have watch this 3 or 4 time and i cant think of what am seeing each time

    • Scarlett Lackey
      Scarlett Lackey  10 minutes back

      I love you Jeffree and Nate

      • Mathilde Fortin
        Mathilde Fortin  13 minutes back


        • ESaysWhat
          ESaysWhat  21 minutes back

          So much love to both of you 🖤

          • TheNinjaNiky
            TheNinjaNiky  30 minutes back

            Hey girl, I hope you've been feeling better and are getting back into the swing of life. I'm sure we're all devastated about you and Nate, but don't give up on hope. Me and my now current husband broke up and about 10 years later got back together and are now married with a son. There's always the future and you might even find someone that will love you just as much, because you are definitely deserving and worth it💜 I thought I might suggest something for a review to maybe get your mind off of life stuff and get you to feel a bit better. I recently got two pallets called Aurora Lights and Galaxy Chic. They're from BH Cosmetics. It's a company that's not drug store but not high end either, they're right in the middle. These pallets are full of colors that I know you'll love. If you would please review these and also this company that would be greatly appreciated. Me and my son watch your videos all the time, he's two but loves you and copies your hand moments. Any time he hears your voice he comes running and steals my phone. He just got into the playing with makeup phase. Maybe one day he'll be just as amazing as you💓

            • sanderson vlogs
              sanderson vlogs  33 minutes back

              I am sending my love to you and i understand i just got broke up with and im upset and lost

              • Jameson
                Jameson  36 minutes back

                the dogs: ahlhahalhahlaha

                • BigBandsOnDeck 51
                  BigBandsOnDeck 51  40 minutes back

                  im gonna be with jeffree star next !!!!!!

                  • sweetsami34
                    sweetsami34  40 minutes back

                    So does Nathan still work with Jeffrey?

                    • Brittany Naranjo
                      Brittany Naranjo  41 minutes back

                      Don’t worry Jeffree you can fine a new one or get back together don’t be sad

                      • Salma Ramahi
                        Salma Ramahi  48 minutes back

                        Ok 👌🏼

                        • Amanda Sabah
                          Amanda Sabah  59 minutes back

                          I really really respect and appreciate the kindness and respect that was shown to both parties in this video. I wish younger me could take notes.

                          • Austin Duncan
                            Austin Duncan  1 hours back

                            Why why why😢😢

                            • Emma Ann
                              Emma Ann  1 hours back

                              Jeffree, I know youll probably never see this. You need to do what you think is best for yourself. We will be here for you and your loyal fan base will always be here to support you. Breaks ups are never easy and just because your famous doesnt mean you dont need time to heal. Take that time, you deserve it.

                              • Shonz14nw
                                Shonz14nw  1 hours back

                                Just goes to show you can have all the money, toys, beautiful homes but still not be complete. Your a beautiful soul Jeffree. I know it’s absolutely the last thing on your mind but there is someone waiting in the wings to meet you and you’ll be fine. I, along with thousands of others wish nothing but the best for you. Omg it was so obvious how much you loved each other just by the way you looked into each other’s eyes. Your a super strong person with heartache like everyone else. The Jeffree now has grown and changed so much your a inspiration for all the young ones struggling with identity issues. God bless Jeffree.

                                • Rayza Xavier
                                  Rayza Xavier  2 hours back


                                  • Joanne Buteau
                                    Joanne Buteau  2 hours back

                                    I hope things are going well for you. Although I've missed your videos, I'm glad you are taking time for yourself.... personal care is important, especially with as crazy busy as you are. Oh, and thank you for your tutorials and wonderful products.... you've really helped me learn about makeup.

                                    • Siobhan Fitzpatrick
                                      Siobhan Fitzpatrick  2 hours back


                                      • Jessica Vallone
                                        Jessica Vallone  2 hours back

                                        Well no matter what, I’ve loved you since Face The Jury. I knew you would be a success and I am so happy you are as big as you are. It will all be ok <3

                                        • ts Lafferty
                                          ts Lafferty  2 hours back

                                          Hey Jeffree just came to your channel there to see if you had posted any new videos , but was sadly disappointed 🙃 hope your doing ok despite your situation . Keep your chin up hun . And remember who you are 💅🙏❤👑xoxo

                                          • Lili .f
                                            Lili .f  2 hours back

                                            A break up is not always for people who stop loving each other , sometimes it's because love isn't enough to solve everything , and if u don't leave u gonna hurt the person u love , hurt yourself, and slowly destroy your memories of priceless moments , and only regret and pains stay in your everyday life ... so it's better to leave ...
                                            I don't know what they go through, but I wish happiness for both of them

                                            • cookiewuv _life
                                              cookiewuv _life  2 hours back

                                              No hunny please take your time focus on you love and support💗💗💗💗💗 you don't owe us anything p.s. you are amazing!!!☺☺

                                              • OfficialShayNicole
                                                OfficialShayNicole  2 hours back

                                                I clicked the thumbnail expecting this to be a joke 😭

                                                • Tifftastic T
                                                  Tifftastic T  2 hours back

                                                  I am so sorry you can find a new man better then that dude. Hang out with you're dogs think about you and tell yourself that you van find you're self and find a better soul mate and a person that makes Jeffree star Jeffree star

                                                  • Clara Castan
                                                    Clara Castan  3 hours back

                                                    No offense, but I feel like jefree star kind of deserved it. Jut saying.

                                                    • Nick Kontgis
                                                      Nick Kontgis  3 hours back

                                                      I’m so so sorry I’m going through the same shit at least u r still friends I’ve just woke up in the hospital no man and he put me there so broken my face is fucked only watching yr makeup gives me hope to b beautiful again stay strong and fuck the haters u have many people who love u

                                                      • Gloriana Smith
                                                        Gloriana Smith  3 hours back

                                                        Hey Jeffree. I’m a huge fan of your channel. You make me smile every time I watch you. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me today. I’m devastated and I don’t want to make this about me so all I’m gonna say is I’m here for you girl. Me and you can do this. I wish you the best of luck and the most healing for your shattered heart

                                                        • chicken dinosaur
                                                          chicken dinosaur  3 hours back

                                                          Awwww bless

                                                          • Joey CCAM
                                                            Joey CCAM  3 hours back

                                                            Lol he bout to be

                                                            BROKE ❌💲❎💰

                                                            • Lucas Wieties
                                                              Lucas Wieties  3 hours back

                                                              Who’s watching this when we find out 2020 is gonna be a huge flop like World War III Australia burning and Kobe died and at the beginning the hardest breakup of the world

                                                              • Ana Aguilar
                                                                Ana Aguilar  3 hours back

                                                                You should try Claire’s makeup

                                                                • Taborah Summers Cooper
                                                                  Taborah Summers Cooper  4 hours back

                                                                  This is the hardest time .......its the loss of what you thought your life was going to be as well as the loss of your relationship soon your life will take a new direction and the pain will be lessened, each day after that will be a little easier, Brightest Blessings to you both.

                                                                  • Pedro Fraga
                                                                    Pedro Fraga  4 hours back

                                                                    Que bafao

                                                                    • Sin_ Sentido
                                                                      Sin_ Sentido  4 hours back

                                                                      🤢🤢 desperdicio de hombre 😥

                                                                      • fuitgummy
                                                                        fuitgummy  4 hours back

                                                                        why is 2020 so bad.

                                                                        i’m so sorry 💕💕

                                                                        • V. Caldera
                                                                          V. Caldera  4 hours back

                                                                          We love u Jeffree

                                                                          • Colin Lush
                                                                            Colin Lush  4 hours back

                                                                            Rip Jeffree star

                                                                            • Emely Murillo
                                                                              Emely Murillo  4 hours back

                                                                              I dont believe in love anymore...

                                                                              • Namaste Chica
                                                                                Namaste Chica  4 hours back

                                                                                Oh the Travesty sorry to hear!! Not cool, they are talking about your mama, and grandma.  Good thing you have your puppies for love and support!! <3

                                                                                • Taylor Jones
                                                                                  Taylor Jones  4 hours back

                                                                                  No one cares

                                                                                  • OfficiallyAshley
                                                                                    OfficiallyAshley  5 hours back

                                                                                    We're here for you 😢💕💕🏳‍🌈✌

                                                                                    • Dimez Cantrell
                                                                                      Dimez Cantrell  5 hours back

                                                                                      Review tats new beauty blender your the only real one on YouTube dat tells the truth

                                                                                      • Veronica Boerks
                                                                                        Veronica Boerks  5 hours back

                                                                                        I badly miss your videos, sorry for being selfish. But YOU, you are a great person, recovery will be slow but it’ll come. I adore you and I do hope to see you rise and shine pretty soon. You owe it to yourself ❤️💋😘🥰😍

                                                                                        • Профи Прохоровы

                                                                                          I can't watch this video... It's so heartbreaking..

                                                                                          • grunge girl xx
                                                                                            grunge girl xx  5 hours back

                                                                                            guys jeffree hasn’t posted a new video in 2 weeks! i’m so scared and worried for you jeffree🤧

                                                                                            • Mildren Perdomo
                                                                                              Mildren Perdomo  5 hours back

                                                                                              Fuck your man he dont need to see cry💖💖💖💖💖

                                                                                              • Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob

                                                                                                Soulmates are not meant to be with you forever. They come into your life to teach you a lesson, and once you have learned that lesson, they have to leave. Cherish the memories you’ve made and let go of the uncertainties, this way you open yourself up to newer and better opportunities. Good luck, Jeffree!

                                                                                                • Lisa Amaya
                                                                                                  Lisa Amaya  6 hours back

                                                                                                  Jeffree! I miss your beautiful face! I hope all is well with you and I hope your grandma is doing ok! I’m so sorry about you and Shane don’t let anything or anyone dull out your beautiful shine! Keep your head up and no looking back!