Keith Richards & The X-Spensive Winos - Live in Argentina 1992

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Proshot recording from unknow source, remastered by The Glimmer Stone.

Live at Estadio Jose Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 7th, 1992.

00:00:00 Take it so hard
00:04:10 Eileen
00:09:16 Running too deep
00:13:05 Gimme shelter
00:19:18 Yap yap
00:25:12 How i wish
00:29:21 999
00:35:05 Bodytalks
00:41:05 Demon
00:46:19 Time is on my side
00:51:24 Before they make me run
00:55:06 Hate it when you leave
01:00:48 Band intro
01:01:46 Too rude
01:08:07 Wicked as it seems
01:13:18 Will but you wont
01:19:06 Happy
01:25:52 Whip it up
01:31:28 Connection
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